We are an energetic multidisciplinary team based in Cape Town and Wilderness, South Africa. And we have a serious passion for Sceletium! The Sceletium Source is born out of this passion.

We created The Sceletium Source to be a single web portal supplying all the needsinformation, product, technicalthat anyone might ever have regarding this remarkable and profound plant.

We have been involved in the cultivation, sourcing, curating, extracting, formulating, marketing and distribution of this magnificent herb for over 20 years now, and are uniquely placed in the industry to provide the services we do.

Aware of the profundity and unique efficacy of this plant and recognizing the serious global demand for Sceletium that has awakened as a consequence, we have created a unique supply resource and shopping experience.

The Sceletium Source is intended to be a one-stop supply hub for Sceletium in all its forms – simultaneously a major bulk herb warehouse and a diverse retail products emporium. Apart from our own excellent product offerings, we also represent all the significant Sceletium farmers, raw material processors and manufacturers in Southern Africa.

Our suppliers range from major commercial growers to boutique cultivators producing small batches of traditional fermented Kanna.

We are committed to the preservation, continued biodiversity and ethical supply of Sceletium tortuosum. All of our material is thus sourced from responsibly managed plantations or, in some cases, from small sustainably-managed, wild-crafting ecosystems on private land. And of course all our Sceletium is organically grown, with no synthetic chemicals used at all during cultivation.

Our key growers and supply partners are also fully involved in formal benefit sharing arrangements with the San and Khoikhoi, the traditional custodians of Sceletium knowledge, specifically the !Kai Korana Community and the South African San Council. We are also fully licensed by the Western Province Department of Cape Nature to trade in and export Sceletium worldwide.