Here you will find all the information you need about Sceletium tortuosum (and Sceletium expansum). You will also be able to source all the forms of this remarkable herb, in both retail and bulk quantities, at the most competitive prices in the world.

Sceletium aka Kanna, Channa, Canna, Kougoed, Kauwgoed and Tortuose Fig Marigold is the highly revered, sacred plant that has been used by the San and Khoikhoi people of Southern Africa for millennia – and its time of sharing has come. We offer both modern pharmaceutical extracts as well as the traditional fermented Kougoed of the Khoisan.

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Sceletium has incredible human benefits that are just beginning to be realized, including being the most effective model anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) agent known to man. It also acts as a highly effective and benign natural anti-depressant (having both serotonin releasing and re-uptake inhibiting effects), is of singular efficacy in assisting with the treatment and healing of addiction, and is an excellent adjunct to clinical therapy and bodywork.

Furthermore, it has significant cognitive enhancing and neuro-protective effects, being a noted PDE4 inhibitor. It is also potently pro-sexual, emotionally opening, body-mind relaxing, entactogenic and empathogenic, all without any significant side-effects or negative long-term consequences. It is thus truly one the great herbal treasures of this planet!

We are a first tier supplier and work directly with all the farmers and product manufacturers in Southern Africa in order to provide you with a single online resource for all your buying needs. Our clients include personal retail buyers as well as major formulators, manufacturers and resellers – and we are able to cater to even the largest bulk requests.

We are honored and humbled to make this profound herb available to you and look forward to providing you with the highest quality products via a highly professional shopping experience.