Bulk Supply

We are able to supply large bulk quantities of all the packaged and raw herb products listed on this site. We cater to online and physical stores, major distributors and product formulators worldwide. We ship globally and are able to offer the best wholesale pricing due to our unique position in the industry (having worked with Sceletium seriously for over 15 years).

We happily cater to custom requests and can deal with any order however big or small. Additionally we are available to assist with technical formulation or production inquiries related to Sceletium.

Apart from offering normal dried as well as fermented Kanna,  our main focus is the supply of potent standardized Sceletium extracts (with total alkaloid percentage usually in the 3% – 6% range depending on the product) and with varying alkaloid profiles – from high mesembrine (as high as 75% of total alkaloids) to high mesembrenone variations, each with significantly different effects.

To cater to the aficionado, we also make available limited quantities of artisanally produced kougoed, resins and aromatic smoke (though these would not generally be available for large-scale commercial supply).

Please contact us for wholesale price lists or let us know how we can be of service to you.